Winter Odyssey

Lyrics by Christine Kallman

This text was written for the North Cambridge Family Opera, and performed at the 2013 Cambridge Science Festival in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with music by Daniel Kallman. For licensing, or for more information, contact Christine.

Winter Odyssey

cloud droplets high in the cold sky
from six sides

snow crystals too small to see
come down to me

water is freezing
the bent molecules stacking
in crystalline lattices
of six-fold symmetry

snowflakes are branching
from hexagon corners
in intricate tapestries
or platelike simplicity

on your hair
on your clothes
on your nose

snow crystals
clear as glass
reflect light
we call it white

snowflakes are forming
in shapes of fine laces
or like Grandmaʼs needles
or spools for embroidery

snowflakes are falling
from chilly birthplaces
in miniature filigree
of dazzling variety

snowflakes are dancing a mysterious odyssey
a cold, clear, crystal

–Copyright 2013, Christine Kallman, All Rights Reserved

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.