Christ, the Promise of Tomorrow (hymn)

Congregational hymn
Music by Daniel Kallman
Text by Christine Kallman
Unison voices, keyboard, 3’00”

A hymn of hope for congregational singing.

This text and hymn tune were written at the end of the millenium. The text, with additional verses, is also used for an anthem entitled Christ, the Promise of Tomorrow.

by Christine Kallman

Christ, the Promise of tomorrow,
Prince of Ages, take our hand.
Lead us through the coming era;
Fearful, at the doors we stand.
Blind we are beyond this moment,
Sightless creatures, bound to sin.
Now to courage you are calling:
“Throw the doors wide! Enter in!”

Through the stormy march of decades
Like a shelter you have stood,
Faithfully your arms extending,
Bending, granting all things good.
From the heaven’s fiery giants
To the minnow in the sea,
You have blessed your whole creation,
You profess your love for me.

In the wreck of human failings,
Trust is spoiled and hopes are few.
‘Bolden us with this assurance:
You are making all things new.
As partakers in the promise
Of your excellent design,
Let us strive for truth and justice
Let your love our works define.

Praise to God who holds the order
Of both time and space aright,
Spins the marvels of creation
In the darkness and the light.
Praise to God who walks beside us,
Pledging joy beyond all tears
Through the advent of this thousand
And ten thousand thousand years.

© 1999, Christine Kallman, All Rights Reserved

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.