Hear Us, Oh Lord

Music by Daniel KallmanJubilee, We Are Set Free! Youth church musical Kallman
Lyrics by Christine Kallman
Unison voices, soloists, piano, opt. flute; 4’00”

A heartfelt song of confession for young voices.

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This piece is taken from the youth musical Jubilee, We Are Set Free. The text is a reworking of the words of the confession.

Hear Us, Oh Lord

(Refrain:) Hear us, hear us, hear us, oh Lord!
By your loving spirit let mercy be poured!
Forgive us, renew us, and lead us we pray
’til our path and yours become one joyful way.

Defiant and stubborn and standing alone,
I thought I could manage my life on my own.
I confess now that where I had thought I was strong
I was weak, Lord, and foolish– entirely wrong.


Day after day, in my thoughts, what I say,
My actions, or lack of them, push you away.
God, I’m no saint! I’m a failure, it’s true.
What I should do, I don’t,
What I should not, I do.


You ask for my love, but I only hold back
And care for myself though I see others lack.
Self-righteous, judgmental and proudly unjust,
for Jesus’ sake, listen! Have mercy on us!

© Christine Kallman, 1999, All Rights Reserved

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.