The Fruit of Charity

Congregational hymn
Music by Daniel Kallman
Text by Christine Kallman
Unison voices, keyboard, 3’30”

Jesus’ words, “I am the Vine, you are the branches” (John 15), newly paraphrased and set to original tune and harmonization.

This hymn was commissioned by The Reverend Eric Haugan  to honor the 25th anniversary of his ordination. It was introduced at his congregation, Faith United Church in Winthrop, Minnesota in October of 2007.

by Christine Kallman
John 15
(Tune: LIFEBLOOD by Daniel Kallman)

I am the Vine, you are the living branches,
Abide in me, as I in you abide.
Bound in my love securely for one purpose,
All that you give is greatly multiplied.

I am the lifeblood of the tree;
stay forever joined with me
to bear the fruit of charity.

I look for justice but find only bloodshed,
for righteousness but hear a tortured cry.
Your neighbor craves the taste of lovingkindness
Christ-centered hearts’ compassion can supply.

Have I not bid you care for one another,
sharing the love my life and death revealed,
eager to serve each sister and each brother,
glad for the good your sacrifice may yield?

When in my love your lives are wholly planted,
outpouring grace refreshes like the rain,
expectant green of budding hope is granted,
the Kingdom work is nourished and sustained.

Sing and rejoice, forgiven and forgiving,
spreading the feast prepared for all to eat!
These gifts release with jubilant thanksgiving,
trusting my promise of a joy complete!

–Christine Kallman, 2007,  All Rights Reserved

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.