Our World Needs This Child

Donata's Gift musical by Christine KallmanMusic by  Daniel Kallman
Lyrics by Christine Kallman
Soprano solo voice, piano; 3’30”
From the family holiday musical Donata’s Gift by Christine & Daniel Kallman

Donata decides to set aside her bitterness and share her gifts.

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Our World Needs This Child

There isn’t time to be afraid,
There isn’t time to wonder what to do!
A darker night could never be,
The journey forward hid from me.
The black has swallowed up the light.

There isn’t room for bitterness,
Resentment, old vendettas, fresh offense.
Behind it all is only fear
That cowers in the darkness here.
Somehow I’ve never been more sure
That our world needs this child,
In Cordanz at the coldest time of year.
How our world needs this child!
Tomorrow it will finally be clear.

There isn’t time to sweep the floor.
I really should have thought of that before.
Now all my preparations, stay,
I must be getting on my way.
For our world needs this child.
We need him more with every passing day.

What does it mean? Have I gone mad?
Could I have lost what little sanity I ever had?
Is this a dream? Am I awake?
How can my eyes be open wide
When I can’t foresee the steps that I must take?

I’d like to stop, pick up my broom,
And clean the cobwebs out of ev’ry room,
Climb in my bed, put out the light.
How could I, knowing in the night
There lies a child and
Our world needs this child,
Our world needs this child. . .

–Christine Kallman, 1998, All Rights Reserved.

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.