I’m standing at the top of the ladder the glass globe is in my
hands now it’s falling I’m standing at the top the globe is both
in my hands and falling there’s the moment before you know it’s
going to fall did I always know it? I’m standing at the top of the
ladder glass is flying everywhere still the globe is whole in my
hands how tightly I want to hold it my teeth clench my feet grip
outside a siren wails my heart beats

lifeLife  lifeLife  lifeLife lifeLife

my neck hurts from looking up
I see it whole moving through the air frame by frame smashing
on the floor shattered pieces scattering it was always this way
it was always broken from the top of the ladder I see now how
I can do nothing I bless the pieces yes each piece together or
apart bless you bless every crazy thing

© Christine Kallman, 2015, All Rights Reserved
This poem is excerpted from Kallman’s full-length play, Jenka & the Bosswoman. In 2017 it was selected to be part of the Poet-Artist Collaboration XVI at Crossings at Carnegie in Zumbrota, MN, an annual exhibit in which artists create work inspired by poetry. Sandy Bot-Miller created a weaving based on the poem.

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.