Out of the Darkness, I Hear a Song

Music by Daniel Kallman
Lyrics by Christine Kallman
TTBB chorus, piano, percussion, electric bass guitar; 3’30”

African percussion in a medium groove and an uplifting text communicate a message filled with hope and healing. Level: Advanced. This piece was commissioned by Mark and Cathy Penning for the Norsemen of Luther College to inaugurate “Foundation for the Journey,” a childhood cancer research and support organization (see more below).

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Out of the Darkness, I Hear a Song

Out of the darkness
I hear a song.
Out of deep darkness
A bird is winging.
Singing, “Peace, peace.
Hope is coming to you.”

We will walk through this place.
We will walk this road together.
Take my hand as we journey through the deep;
And when we weep, let it be together.

Out of the dry land
There flows a stream.
In the aching dry land,
A healing spring,
Bringing peace, peace.
Hope is coming to you.

We will walk through this place.
We will walk this road together.
Take my hand as we journey through the deep;
And when we weep, let it be together.

-Christine Kallman, copyright 2010, All Rights Reserved

Mark Penning’s remarks spoken before the premiere performance:

Three years ago we heard some news that no parent wants nor expects to hear – their child has cancer. In Jim’s case it had spread, bringing his odds for survival down even further. As is the case in many children’s diagnoses, it was misdiagnosed.

During the two years of chemotherapy, surgery, more chemotherapy and radiation we have learned a lot about the lack of research funding, lack of awareness, and the need for support for families experiencing a childhood cancer. The treatment for Jim’s cancer had not changed in twenty years. With this knowledge, we decided to hold a fundraising concert where childhood cancer research at the Mayo Clinic would benefit from the monies raised. Immediately we thought of and looked to our Luther Alumni family for assistance. With the help of Luther grads Dan and Chris Kallman, Rick Penning, Mel Eliason, Alison Feldt, Mike Arens, Wayne Kivell, Kari Kust, Dawn and Keith Christensen that event raised over $11,000 for childhood cancer research! That’s when we had the idea to form our own foundation: Foundation for the Journey.

Because music is such an important part of our family, we decided that we needed music to be an important part of getting our message out. That is when we met with Dan and Chris Kallman and they agreed to write the music and words to the piece you will hear tonight. Soon you will hear how the text and music combine to portray this Journey: a journey out of Darkness into Peace. A journey out of the Dry Land and into healing. Together, not alone.

The Foundation for the Journey was formed to fund research, raise awareness, and bring needed aid and support of families going through cancer. The very talented and giving community of Luther College continues to be a very valuable ingredient as we kick off our foundation: Dan and Chris Kallman using their fantastic music and writing hearts, Tim Peter and the Norsemen (including our son Jim who is a freshman here at Luther) with their beautiful performing hearts, and Dawn Deines Christensen providing her artistic heart. We have a goal to have a fully endowed scholarship here at Luther for children who have suffered through cancer. Please feel free to call us at home 507-645-0312 or email us at mspenning@gmail.com if you have any questions or would like to help. Our entire family and those that will benefit from the Foundation for the Journey thank you!

Christine Kallman writes plays, song lyrics, and poems.